Chelly Venegas

Chelly grew up in Corona, California where she developed a love for the outdoors.  From hiking with her family at an early age to bouldering with her friends from U.C. Irvine, she could always remember being outside.  While in college, Chelly took this mentality with her around the world where discovered the ancient architecture of Rome and hiked through Cinque Terre.  From there, she went on to live in Santiago, Chile which was the perfect home base for an adventurous spirit.  She was able to surf in the Pacific, hike through the Andes, cycle through San Pedro de Atacama, and explore the mountain ranges of Patagonia. Now, living in Indianapolis, IN, Chelly continues to pursue her passion for the outdoors and hopes to discover the hidden world of adventure in the Midwest.  


Luke Boggess

Luke is from Fort Wayne, Indiana where is adventurous ambitions laid dormant until he finished college.  As a graduation present to himself, Luke rode his bike home from his student teaching placement in Houston, TX.  The 1,500 mile ride was an experience that ignited his interest in adventure traveling; and, thanks to the generous amount of vacation days allotted to public educators, it was a lifestyle on which he could embark.  Luke would hike The Appalachian Trail during his winter breaks and take to the South in canoes by way of The Mississippi during the summer.  His first adventure abroad came when he and his cousin planned a summer trip to South America.  But after trying to cram too much excitement into one month, they decided to spread it out over a year and have Chile be their home base.  After meeting a Californian girl in Chile, and somehow convincing her to move to the Midwest, Luke is now trying to prove that even though there is neither mountain nor ocean in the region, there are still adventures to be discovered.


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